The Conspiracy Of Time

The  Conspiracy Of Time

If you look around where ever you may be, you probably see a clock telling you what time it is. And there is also a good chance that there may be more than one time telling device within your field of vision. Some of this phenomena can be explained by technological redundancy, as well as a consumer driven desire to know exactly what time it is at every given moment. One study shows that the average American will look at the clock more than 250 times a day. It’s ironic because if one is so concerned with time management, than you would think that looking at the clock hundreds of times a day defeats the purpose.

We are essentially slaves to the clock in every sense. From athletes to CEO’s, time is a precious commodity. Next to raw materials (water, gold, wheat, etc., etc.), the labor required to convert the raw materials into things we need and desire, is all that we have and all that we really need. That labor, for better or worse, can be best measured by time. We’ve all heard the phrase; “time is money!”  In fact, time is more valuable than money. If all the money in the world disappeared overnight, we would still be left with all the raw materials and our labor/time. The only two things we really need to function as a society.

The question is: To Whom does time belong to?  A very long, long, long time ago, before the invention of  the stop watch, time was measured not in seconds, but in days, moons, seasons, years, and the lifetimes of generations of  our ancestors. Time, back then, was just another inescapable fact of nature. It was nothing that could be manipulated, or tinkered with for the benefit of profit. And for the most part people were free from artificial restraints on time. 











Spicoli was just a naive little school boy when he thought that while in the classroom, every one had the same equal rights to the use of their collective time. And frankly, one doesn’t need to be in High School to know that you are always on someone else’s time. From the minute you are born, you time is stamped and the clock starts to click. The mother and newborn are allowed 24 hours to heal and pack their bags, if they’re in a hospital. They we’ll be expected back to see the Doctor after two weeks, then 10 weeks, then six month’s and so on and so on. Every person born today has a road map and that map is a timeline. A road map drawn not by a free people who decided collectively how to best spend their time to advance their community, but by the elite/royal slave masters, who want you to believe; that time belongs to them. And regular people are born to serve the needs of THEM, the Royalty. You can see how it all got started. A King or Queen wouldn’t be of Royal stature if he or she had to build their own castle. So they needed other people’s time or labor to get the things they wanted. And how does a King or Queen convince  a people to hand over such a valuable commodity as a persons time or labor? Easy, you just say that you heard it from God, and this is what God wants. And if that doesn’t work then you just get a little smarter and you create some laws that require people to pay property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, and more taxes. THEY create an environment that makes it impossible to be free from the constraints on our time and our labor. For now we need to always set aside some or our God given time to someone else’s needs. Just because THEY say so.

So most people may think that clocks are a natural thing to have around, just to remind us of what time it is. But I know that there are so many clocks around to remind us of  who’s time it is. And it’s not ours. Just like the money we use represents a debt to the King or Queen, so to does the clock represent an artificial debt imposed on free people.

I urge everyone to get rid of their watches and wall clocks. Put some tape over the devices you need like the microwave and such. Free yourselves from the tyranny of “Mr. Hand” and declare that this is our time.

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