“Warriors Of The Apocalypse”

“Warriors Of The Apocalypse”



The Rapture came and went. The Apocalypse, Doomsday, Armageddon, Nuclear Annihilation, Planet X, and Meteors are still laying in wait. And if you believe in math than you know that eventually something or “someone” will bring an end to life as we know it, here on planet earth.

“2012”, “The Book Of Eli”, and “The Road” are some of the most recent examples of how this topic infiltrates our minds and therefore our actions and eventually shows up in main stream media and popular culture. Some people choose to squirrel away vital necessities like water,  ammunition, and even ketchup. Some people become zealous, philosophical, or down right mean and radical. (some people can’t handle the end of the world)

But if you’re a mellow cat like artist Bryan Sperry, you take that shit in stride and do what he always does… make art. And although he spends some time pontificating conspiracies and end game scenarios, he is first and always will be a true artist. Putting his consciousness to form and expressing in a very real, visceral way, the kind of ideas movies are made of.

This body of work Bryan calls the “Warriors Of The Apocalypse” is somewhat eerie but mostly just beautiful. They are made up of found objects, including mannequins, which he’s been finding a lot of in thrift stores. A true sign of the end being near… That is, at least for small retail establishments.



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