Top Ten Consequences Of U.S. Debt Default

Top Ten Consequences Of U.S. Debt Default

Top Ten Consequences Of  U.S. Debt Default

10. China will demand ever cheaper and more dangerous and poisonous products from the U.S. labor force.


9. Japan will finally get sole ownership of Hawaii.

8. India will invade the U.S. on the basis of Economic Terrorism.


7. Somebody has to take the fall and go to jail. One of these two guys or both taking the blame might quell the angry masses.

6. Members of the elite Biderberg Group will be stripped of everything they own and forced to compete for food, clothing and shelter, like the rest of us.

5. Politicians will finally serve the people and not themselves.

4. “Would you like fries with that order?”


3. Hugo Chaves buys a birth certificate on-line and gets elected president of the U.S.

2. Saudi Arabia will no longer except Dollars for Oil. They will instead be paid with planes full of blondes.

1. Donald Trump will get fired.

Enron, AIG, Bernie Madoff, were all unsustainable ponzi schemes, that were given the dubious TRIPLE AAA rating by the ever most reliable and trustworthy Ratings Agencies. The same agencies that have rated U.S. debt as AAA.

The U.S. economy and therefore most of the worlds economy is just that, a ponsi scheme, where insiders profit from the miseries of losers and small time interlopers. Kinda like how Las Vegas operates. And nobody’s want’s to demonize the making of money because money supposedly makes the world go round. And it does. Money allows for goods to be traded. But when you jump to an economy where you are trading trades and swapping credit defaults, then things get complicated and probably for good reason. The simple truth that some people are creating vast amounts of wealth out of nothing and that this wealth creates huge disparities and have real damaging consequences for the rest of us, is probably the kind of information they would rather keep from us. Right up there with other National Security secrets that we are not privy to, because it’s so damn important that nobody knows the truth, because it can undo what they’ve accomplished for themselves.

As long as the U.S. Government is selling debt then We The People will be on the hook to pay back the world. And trust me somebody is gonna call in these loans. The question is how will They be paid back?

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