War Is The Answer… What’s The Question?

War Is The Answer… What’s The Question?

Why would a Nation go to war with itself? Or more generally; why would a nation go to war at all?

When looking at recent “History” through the lens of the media mafia, one gets the impression that wars are fought over ideologies such as “Democracy”, “Freedom”, and even Religion. And although these issues have legitimate claims of causing and inciting violence, THEY have no right to make any claims of legitimizing Wars based on such ideologies.

Wars are not acts of nobility and caring for humanity. To the contrary, it is as dehumanizing as any crime against humanity, including, murder, rape, genocide, slavery and even capitalistic slavery. Which, by the way are known side effects of all military conflicts. Just because you didn’t hear it on CNN doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. But because to the victor goes the spoils, so to does the victor get to write and disseminate “History”. Or to be more precise; Propaganda.

I was taught American History in High School. A great deal of it concerning the Civil War. And always it was told to us that Slavery was the driving force that separated the Confederacy from the Union. But a little bit of independent research puts that notion to rest pretty quickly.

Although it is true that whenever and wherever there are violent conflicts, there will be differences between one side and the other. Much like two individual professional boxers might have different religions, skin colors, blood types and a slew a differences that have nothing to do with why they are fighting. They are solely in the ring to fight for the glory and really mostly money. They may even appear to hate each other but not for their differences no matter how real or conflicting. But because one is standing in the way of the others financial success. So without a prize or a purse in between them they may not even look at each other on the street if they met. So without an incentive to fight, the chances of them getting into any conflict,  let alone a fight to the death, are very remote.

It turns out  that Governments, Kings and Powerful People  are motivated by these same things. They go to war, not over quaint notions of Freedom and Democracy no matter how real and visceral those issues might be, they go to war when there is a lot of money at stake.

The Civil War erupted as a result over taxation without representation, rapid industrialization, the impairment of free trade invoked by powerful lobbyists in Congress, and an unwillingness by the Federal Government to give States some degree of autonomy that would have allowed the Southern States to probably figure out over time that slavery was not the answer for there troubled economy, as it was figured out by the developed European Nations at the time. The European Nations discovered that enslavement by Capitalism was even more profitable, because the wages paid to a capital slave would inevitably come back to wealthy hands through the new consumerism model where everyone now had to feed, clothe and shelter themselves, whereas previously the indentured servants, slaves and apprentices were fed, clothed and housed by their “masters”. Same system as the older system but on the surface one can conclude that people were now freer than they were when they were just slaves. They now had the freedom to choose their own master.

So how does a Government convince a nation that war is the best option. Well first of all THEY need a large population of poor people. People who are relatively comfortable do not choose to go to war. For this reason you do not see modern day Swiss And Norwegian soldiers playing anything more than a superficial role in modern military conflicts They just cant convince enough people that war is beneficial to their own well being and safety. Second, THEY have to convince these mostly poor uneducated troops that fighting will somehow better there own life situation. This is why we a thing called a GI Bill which basically is an incentive package, e.g., free tuition,medical care, pension, and life insurance premiums paid to families. Third, it helps a great deal to demonize whomever your about to go kill, as killing is not an easy thing to do for most people. This is why today there are 18 US veterans who commit suicide everyday in the USA. This is why there is so much violence in video games, movies and media. It is to desensitize our young men and women to what is planned for them. For it was decided long ago that this country, the USA, would take the lead role in policing world morality for the benefit of the banks and the military industrial complex. Because like I said… It’s always about the money, and anyone who says otherwise is a fool or a liar, or both. (think George Bush)

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